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 Introduction: In a word, it is difficult to define liberalism.  According to many, liberal ideology is a democratic state system.  According to political scientist Hubhaus,

 "Liberalism is a doctrine where the voice of a person's independent life, their thoughts, beliefs are developed."

 According to Muscatists, liberalism is another form of capitalism.  So they strongly oppose it.

 Liberalism is divided into ancient liberalism and modern liberalism.  Another name for liberalism is Hittism, the metaphor of Bentham. 

 Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.  Its features are-

 Establishment of peace: Liberalism emphasizes equality at all levels.

 Public opinion: Modern liberalism is conducive to the formation of fair and simple public opinion.  And if it is not fair, then democracy dies.

 Multi-party system: Modern liberalism believes in multiple political parties, because if there are many political parties,

 the problems of the society can be easily highlighted through criticism and counter-criticism.  Through this, the success of democratic governance is enhanced.

 Change of Government: One of the steps taken by liberalism is to change the government through peaceful and constitutional means.  Liberalism is opposed to occupying political power in a revolutionary way.

 Maximum suffrage: Liberalism is the victim of universal adult suffrage and thus the sovereignty of the people is established.  Everyone gets the right to vote irrespective of race and religion.

 Neutral Movement: The establishment of modern liberalism on the rule of law.  This doctrine favors the transfer of power to an impartial court to establish justice.

 Not only Marxists but many other political scientists and liberals have criticized, according to them:

 Economic Equality Ignored: Liberalism has neglected economic equality.  "If there is no equality in the economic field, equality in the political field becomes meaningless," said Professor Laski.

 Public opinion neglected: Even in liberalism, public opinion cannot be expressed properly.  In the words of Professor Laski, 'In a society where there is economic inequality, a fair public opinion cannot be formed.

 Mask Criticism: According to Mask plaintiffs, liberalism has no system of referendum, mass uprising, etc.  So representative governance has no value.


  Lenin remarked, "This arrangement has been rejected in order to unite the will of the whole nation, and so that the wolves may live side by side with the sheep, and the exploiters may live side by side with the exploited."

 Conclusion: Despite the criticism mentioned, it has a historical significance.  Liberalism gave birth to the first humanist view.  Sambhya, Maitri also preached the message of love. 

 This is a progressive way of life. This doctrine has replaced logic with blind faith in the realm of political science.  This doctrine has formed the basis of democratic governance.

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