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Love is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. But if someone hurts your loved one in front of your eyes, if you hit him, what will be your condition in that situation, you must be able to feel it.

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A movie called 'Operation Romeo' is being made in the context of such a real event. On Friday, Filmworks and Reliance Entertainment released a trailer of this passionate and twisted love story on YouTube.

The story of the film reveals how a romantic love story turns into a nightmare with a twist, as well as how a good-natured man who doesn't want to hurt anyone, doesn't look down on anyone who was good, turns bad overnight.

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The trailer became very popular shortly after it was published on YouTube. Has already created a huge hype among Indian youth.

Because it is a picture built on real life that identifies the real dangers faced by young lovers in our country.

Currently, 'Operation Romeo' expresses the fears and anxieties of young couples across India.

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The story of the film is influenced by a real life incident that happened in the life of filmmaker Anuraj Manohar and this incident is highlighted by a movie called 'Ishq' in Malayalam language.

At that time, this movie has received a huge response. Movie hero Sidhant Gupta (Adi) and heroine Vedika Pinto (Neha) they love each other.

They decided to meet on Neha's birthday. Since he did not have a car, he brought a car from his friend. Let Neha know at home that she is going to her friend's wedding.

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They meet and this is their first face-to-face meeting. Earlier, they had talked on the phone. This is the first time they have met face to face.

At first Adi wishes her a happy birthday, and Neha replies with a romantic smile on her face, "Thank you".

It was during this romantic time that the romantic song "Roop Tera Mastana" of Bollywood movie icon 90 started playing in the background.

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They were having a beautiful day like two free love birds with romantic songs. Celebrating a birthday by cutting a cake, visiting many places together, romance in a boat in the evening.

All in all, it's like a dream come true. After all, when they are returning home in the car, Neha's eyes are getting smaller and smaller because it is late at night, so Adi tells Neha not to sleep.

Because, for them, this night is an important night.  They have been waiting a long time for this one night. Adi parks the car in the middle of the night, when they both come close to kiss each other, there is a knock on the door of their car.

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They think of the moment when someone snatches their prey from in front of a tiger. The sound sounds like a stick blow.

The police officer kept asking them what they were doing in the car.  The officer also does the camera. He told the woman to get out of the car so that she could tell them what they were doing here.

She shows off her ability to be a sub-inspector when her boyfriend, Adi, interrupts her to stop the video. They offered money to the police as they did not want to get involved in any problem.

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The police want to know how much money there is. The police did not agree to this as they had five thousand rupees.

Adi then says that he will withdraw the money from the ATM in front. When they went to collect the money, a person named Sub-Inspector and Patil entered the car and sat in the back seat of the car with Sub-Inspector Neha.

When her boyfriend asks her to sit in front of him, the police tell her not to argue with him, and threatens her that if she doesn't follow through, he will treat her badly.

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On a quiet road in the middle of the night, the car stops, forcing Patil Adi to get out of the car to withdraw money from the ATM, and Nehao stops him if he wants to go with him.

As a result, he stands outside the car. Taking the opportunity, Inspector put Neha in the car. Neha cries and the inspector gives a devilish smile and it seems to be the first time for her with a real man.

And what happened to that scene is no longer shown, because there is a twist at the end. This scene reveals the immense failure of a true lover to a lover.

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They returned home that night and asked Adi if the police had done anything to him. But Neha tells Adi that what she did to me without asking how I am is important to you.

operation romeo full movie
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Saying this, he got angry and left. The good guy goes bad after this incident. He also decides to take revenge.

After doing a lot of research, Adi can find out his home address. After going there, Adi met his wife. The wife of the fake police officer is a Marathi woman.

operation romeo movie free download

Bhumika Chawla has played the role. The trailer reveals a flashback of Adi and Neha's romantic moments before the incident.

Adi breaks everything down and burns in the fire of revenge. We can bet that the scenes in the film reflect the experience of many couples in our country.