How to Check Airtel data balance, Validity, Transfer Bal, Customer Care no, Offers, in 2020

Those new Airtel customers are having a hard time checking their airtel internet pack.  Because they don't know the code to check airtel net balance.  If you don't know, here are five ways you can check your Airtel  Data Pack.

  1. First of all dial this number *123# Then you will see your balance and Data Pack .
  2. you can also dial this number *111# Then you will see your internete balance.
  3. If you are not satisfied with this, you can dial this number *121*2# and then type 2 and send now your Current data balance .
  4. Or you can also dial this code *121# next step type 2 and send then You will see your internete balance.
  5. You can also check your Airtel data balance from my Airtel app .

How can I check my daily data?

  • First of all open your dialpad
  • Then type this code *123#
  • call your airtel sim 
  • You will see your daily data balance

How can I check internet balance?

  • First of all open your dialpad
  • Now type this code *111#
  • Then call Your Airtel Sim
  • You will see your currently Airtel Balance

How can I check my Mobily Internet package?

  • If you are not satisfied with this, then
  • First of all open your dialpad
  • you can dial this number *121*2# 
  • Now type 2 and send 
  • You will see your mobile Internet package

What is the code to check Airtel data?

  • If you are not interested, then 
  • You can also dial this code *121# 
  • next step type 2 and send 
  • And now again type 2 and send 
  • Now your internete balance Will be displayed

How do I check my 4g Data balance?

  • If you are using an Android phone
  • Download my Airtel app 
  • Click here
  • Now see open this app
  • Complete the login or sign up option
  • Then you will see your 4g data balance and also.
  • airtel also check code

    WorkUSSD Code
    Airtel Balance.*123# or *121# then press 2
    Check Free 2G Data Balance*123*10# or *123*#
     Check 3G Data Balance*123*11#
    Check 4G Balance*121*8#
    Night Data Balance*123*197#
    Checking the SMS balance and last 5 recharges*121*7#
    Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance*123*6#
    Check Local SMS Balance*123*2# or *555#
    Check Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance*123*1#
    Airtel Loan Number*141*10# or 52141
    My Airtel, My Offer*121#
    Value Added Services of Airtel*121*4#
    Check Free Local, STD SMS Balance*123*7#
    Check Free STD Minutes Balance*123*8#
    DND Activation/Deactivation।  1909
    Special 5 Offers*222#
    Airtel Talk time Gift Service*141#
    Check 2G/3G balanceSMS <Data USE> to 121
    Airtel 3g activation USSD codeSMS 3G to 121
    Airtel Live Services*321#
    Start any serviceSMS <START> to 121
    Stop any serviceSMS <STOP> to 121
    Outstanding amount SMS <OT> to 121
    Current bill planSMS <BP> to 121
    Check unbilled amountSMS <UNB> to 121
    Last 3 bill payment detailsSMS <PAY> to 121
    Bill summarySMS <BILL> to 121
    Mobile number portabilitySMS <PORT> to 1909
    Know Your own Airtel number*282#
    Airtel Customer Care121
    Airtel Complaints198
    Airtel loan code*141*10#
    Missed Call Alert*888#
    Hello Tunes Menu*678#
    Local National SMS Packs*777#
    Special Offers and Rewards from Airtel*566#
    Free Facebook Access *325#
    Twitter Service*515#

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