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If you think something has happened wrong with you in life

Or you are not able to do what you want

Or the god has not justice you

where a man is in the hospital whose name is Patrick Brown

so this story is for you, this story starts in 1932

the doctor told him that his newborn son has many complications

Actually, this child has a disease whose name is 'Cerebral palsy'

In this disease, the child can't move and speak

and the child has many more complications

After listening to this Patrick feels bad

Because no one wants such a child

He goes to a bar and drinks beer

slowly time passes away

And that child of Patrick has turned 7 years today

His name was Christy Brown

Father of Christy Brown has to work hard

Because his family was very large and there were 15 members in his family

And the responsibility of Christy was also on him

Mother of Christy loves him very much

She always takes care of his everything

Christy can't walk and speak

He can't move his hand

But the left foot of Christy works

He used to drag himself front and back

And one morning when the father of Christy was out for the work

And all his brothers-sisters were in the school

So christy was alone with his mother

Christy mom was feeding him food

And she said to Christy that she has to go to the hospital for some days

Because she was pregnant

And then she lifts Christy on her shoulder and takes him to the room

Her mother's health begins to worsen

And she starts getting the 'Label pain'

And then Christy get the sound of falling his mother

he becomes completely restless

with his left foot, he barely reaches the stairs

And he saw his mother was unconscious down the stairs

But it is very hard for Christy to go down the stairs

But even then somehow he goes down the stairs

And there was an alarm button which is specially put for Christy

He pressed it again and again with his left foot

From which a lady from their neighbor reaches here

And she saw Christy mother was unconscious

And after that Christy mom was taken to the hospital

And when Christy father gets to know this thing

So he was very happy

However, Christy father didn't believe Christy all all

But the way he has saved the life of his mother is really appreciable

Now one day when Christy father was teaching his brothers and sisters

So there was a true and false question whose answer was false

And when the sister of Christy ask him about the answer

His father said what would he know

that's when Chirsty lifted up the choke from his left foot

And he tries to write down something on the Slate

Christy had done this first time in his complete life

Christy had the only left foot on which he has complete control

That's when the mother of Christy come

she lifts his encouragement

She said "Come on Christy, make your mark"

And Christy makes a cross mark with her feet after so much struggle

Means the answer to the true-false question was false

But the father of Christy didn't appreciate him on this

Rather he said that he is handicapped and we have to accept the truth

And I don't want that anyone put wrong things in Christy mind
The mother of Christy loved him very much

She never wants to feel him that he was handicapped

And nor does she think so

As well as brothers and sisters of Christy loved him very much

They support Christy in every way

And they Include Christy in their every game

Now once again when the brothers and sisters of Christy was reading

Then Christy drag himself and gets into the middle of the place

And he holds the chock from his foot

And he tried to write down something on the floor

But no one understands clearly

His father thought that Christy had tried to make a triangle

And he showed him by making a triangle on the floor

Christy erased the triangle from his body

And after that, he struggles once again

And after so much struggle he writes down M on the floor

His mother comes here

No one knows what Christy was doing

And one by one he writes down many words

And he had written MOTHER on the floor

Means mother

The way a newborn baby always say Mom first time

Same like that when Christy has written something first time

So he had written mother

Seeing this, her mother tears her eyes

Christy father also become so emotional

He lifts Christy on his shoulder

And directly takes him out to the bar

where all of his friends were present

And he said that Christy is a genius

Actually, when Christy was born the friends of his father had made fun of him in the same bar

But what Christy has done today, not even his father is happy

But also he proud of his son

However, this may be normal for any other child

But not for Christy

Because he can't move his hands, he can't speak and he doesn't have any control over any part of his body

He has control only over his leg foot

Slowly time passes away

And today Christy has turned 17 years

It was his birthday and there were 17 candles on his birthday

And Christy had to struggle a lot to extinguish them

Because he can't move his head properly

With the passage of time, Christy had started speaking a little bit

But his words were not clear

With the passage of time, Christy had started doing painting

He likes doing painting

And he used to paint with his left leg

A girl was live near their house whom Christy like so much

He made a painting for her and also write down a very beautiful poem

And when the girl gets the card she becomes very happy

She thought that this card had been written by Christy brother

But when the friend of that girl saw the sign of CB on the letter

So she understands that this card was written by Christy Brown

And she laughs at that girl

The girl reached Christy home with the card

And asked Christy "Did you make this"

Christy told yes

She said I can't take it and she returned the greeting card to Christy

On the other hand, his father's job had also missed

And it was very tough to manage such a long family without any money

However, all 4 children sleep on the same bed

But they didn't have money even to buy coal

It was very cold here

And they need coal for the fire

But they didn't have money

That's why Christy made a plan

And when the truck of coal was going through the road

that's when Christy brother come in front of the truck with Christy wooden chair

Due to which truck had stopped

And before starting the truck again

2 brothers of Christy had opened the lock of the truck door

The truck goes a little bit forward

And as soon as it climbs up, all the coal of the truck falls down

Christy and his brothers were very happy about this

Because the plan that Christy made had been successful

And they fill all this coal in small trolleys and bring it home
However, the mother of Christy was angry she said she knew that they had stolen all the coal

And I will not let you bring this coal to my house

But maybe she was also forced

They need fire to escape cold

That's why they had to use that coal

And when Christy was sitting near the fire with his father

then he becomes totally restless, no one understands why Christy was doing this

that's when his mom comes and he said to his mom 'Fire

And his mom saw there was a box in the fire

That was the box in which Christy mother was collecting money for Christy wheelchair since his childhood

Christy father and brother-sister didn't know about it

Only Christy and his mom knew that

Christy's mom take out the hotbox from the fire

Her hand was also burnt in this

But Christy's mom knows the importance of this money

However, Christy father was angry that they are suffering from food, cold

Why you didn't use that money then

Christy's mom said that these are Christy's money

And I will bring a wheelchair for him

After that, she goes to the hospital

And she brought a wheelchair for Christy from the hospital

Here a doctor was also come with Christy's mom

Which cure the patients of Cerebral palsy

this is the same disease from which Christy was suffering

Christy's mom shows all the painting to the doctor

The doctor was impressed

And she said to Christy that he should have to come with us for therapy

You will get benefit from it

However, Christy was not want to go

But he goes there on saying of his mother and doctor

Christy didn't feel good there that's why he had come back

But doctor 'Call' started his treatment by coming to his home

She helped him in every way

And slowly Christy Brown started attracting with the Doctor

He falls in love with her

This bothers his mother because she knew

That some kind of hope was not good for Christy

When he finds out the truth when the doctor walks away from him, his heart will break.

Christy likes to spend time with Doctor 'call'

Doctor Call gave him a book of Shakespear whose name was 'Hamlet'

She reads that book

As well speech of Christy had been improved due to the doctor

He used to make more painting

His painting was so good that the exhibition takes place

where everyone was appreciating the work of Christy

And Christy was also happy in his life

Because he loved doctor Call so much

And once when they were sitting in the restaurant

That's when doctor Call said that she and Peter(who was sitting with her) will be going married in 6 months

Christy feels very upset about this

He drinks a lot there

And now, he was completely out of control

The  Feonsay of doctor Call takes out Christy with his wheelchairs

But Christy catches the table cloth with his mouth

On this Doctor Call become angry

And she refused his  Feonsay to do this

Because she can understand the condition of Christy

She knew what is going in the heart of Christy

Now, Christy had come back home

And he starts writing a suicide note from his foot because he wants to end his life
After that, he had lifted a razor from his foot

So that he can cut his wrist vein

And ends his life completely

But he can't

And next morning when Christy's mom enters the room of Christy

So she had seen many beers bottle there

She was not happy about this

She said to Christy that he was becoming like his father

Actually, the father of Christy drinks a lot of alcohol

And Christy's mom doesn't want that Christy does the same

She said to Christy ''The fight of life wins from inside not from drinking beer from any bar''

Maybe you have lost but I not

and she starts digging a pit

Christy went there

And he asked his mother what she was doing?

His mother said that she is making a room here so that you can do painting here

Christy said don't do that mom

Christy's mom loved him so much

And she said to Christy that if she can able to give her legs she would definitely give

But it is impossible

What happened to you Christy

By seeing the passion of his mother, a passion develop inside Christy

And he apologizes to his mother

And he also started to help his mother to make that room

Now Christy's father and brother also come here

And when they get to know that they are making room for Christy

So they all started helping in it

And till the evening they all make a room for Christy

So that he can do painting

Now, one day when Christy and his mom come to the house

So his mother saw that his father is unconscious inside the room

She said this to Christy

helps me in opening the door because the door was not opening

Christy opens the room with all his power

And when Christy's mom goes inside

She found that his father has been died due to a heart attack

The whole family mourns with this

And the whole family reached the bar where his father used to go daily in the evening

And they were sitting there on the memories of him

Christy was singing

That's when a man insult Christy father

Christy and his brother becomes angry about this

And Christy started fighting with them

There is a lot of fight between the complete Brown family and that man(with some more guys)

Christy was very upset in his life

However, he was making very brilliant paintings

But he was not satisfied with this

And one day his brother comes into his room and saw a painting

Then he said that this is a very beautiful painting

Christy said "No it is not that much beautiful as much you are saying"

And i am not a painter

That's when Christy's brother saw the note which Christy had written before attempting suicide

'All is nothing' was written on that note

"Therefore nothing must end"

Christy's brother asked what is this?

Christy said nothing

Christy asked his brother will you help me

His brother replied "In which"

Christy said that he wants to write his autobiography

His brother said "yes, I will definitely help you with this"

And after that Christy writes a book on his whole life

Whose name was "My left foot"

Now, one day Christy and all his siblings were eating food

And when they finished food Christy told his mother that he wants to eat some sweet

And all his siblings insist that

However, Christy's mom doesn't have much money

Even after she said that let me check how much money is left maybe we can order Icecream

And when she opens the box in which she had collected money since the childhood of Christy for his wheelchair

whose hand had burnt out during taking it out from the fire

So she saw there was a lot of money in the box

She surprised after looking at this, the first time she has seen so much money

it was a total of 800 Pounds

Christy's brother said that this is Christy money

Actually, the book that Christy had written whose name was "My left foot"

That book was liked by the world

And that's why he got so much money

And as well as the complete world knows about Christy

The complete life of Christy has changed from here

And now he has a typewriter

On which he can type with his foot thumb

Doctor Call comes to meet Christy

And she said to Christy "You have to come with us to a Seminar I know you don't like to go in front of people

But this seminar for those who are physically challenged

From here, Christy and doctor Call became friends once again

And Christy is very welcome to this seminar

Christy has nothing short in his life

Christy has its own nurse

And she read Christy book "My left foot"

Many paintings were in the book which was made by Christy from his foot

And marry who was the nurse attracted a lot from his work, life, excitement

Here everyone was respecting Christy

And also read his book as well

From which many people are motivated

And when everyone was appreciating Christy

So Christy call his mother there

However, his mom not wanna come but he forcefully calls his mother

Because his mother has played a very big and important role in his life

If her mother hadn't believed in him

If she had not encouraged him

So never could Christy Brown become "The Christie Brown"

Later on in his life, he marries his nurse whose name is Marrie

And after that Christy was very satisfied with his life

Because, the way he wants to found in his life, he found it

Although he lived only for 49 years

But he achieved so much in his life as a writer, as a painter, and as a poet

Even today, the world remembers him

Because he never gave up even after working only part of his body

And by doing things that even the greatest people cannot do

So this was the real and struggled life of Christy Brown life

My Left Foot

If Christy's life didn't have such a family that always appreciate him

So Christy Brown can never be so successful in his life

You must have remember the moment when Christy Brown had written MOTHER from his foot

And when his father takes him on his shoulder to the bar

And he had said that he is genius

If his father had not appreciated him at that time, he would never have tried in life

And as well as his mom who played the most important role in his life

She never gave up on Christy, she always believed in Christy

She always appreciated him

And promoted all of his everything

Even when Christy had given up on his life

His mother told him that maybe you have given up but not me

And after that, she had made a separate room and studio for his son

So that he can do painting there

So the biggest achievement of Christy's life was that he had taken birth is such a family where everyone supported him

Because family is made up of supporting each other

Not from 4 walls

And we should also take inspiration from this story

That did we have appreciated anyone in our life

Did we have played any role in someone life

From which someone gets encouragement

Because talking negative is very easy

But saying one positive thing, bringing light in someone life

It is very difficult

So this was the message of this complete story

Christy had written more books and poems after 'My left foot'

And all were appreciated by the world

So this was the complete story of my left foot

This film was released in 1989

Its rating is 7.9 on IMDB

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