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 If abnormal sin in the sense of begging has become a virtue today, what will be the demand of people for living? 

What is the reason for thinking that‘ begging ’is an abnormal sin?  Explain the significance of the contextual quote.

Excerpted from Manik Bandyopadhyay's 'Who saves, who saves' story. Reasons to think 'unusual sin' 6.

 Although the realist sympathized with the agony of Nikhil Mrityunjaya, he could not accept his repentance.

  To him, 'relief', instead of a large number of starving people, is just a consolation for saving a few destitutes. 

 Because everyone has the right to survive and everyone has equal demand for essential food.  But people became emotional and forgot that demand and considered 'begging' as a virtue. 

 Which has turned into a spiritual policy instead of the normal rules regarding human demands.  Nikhil therefore called begging an 'unusual sin'.

 Friend Mrityunjay felt guilty for not being able to bear 'death by starvation'.  He blamed himself for eating four meals a day and leading a normal life. 

 Nikhil could not accept his thoughts in any way.  To the realist Nikhil, it is a great sin to starve oneself to save the people of the country. 

 Hayek or 'Relief' is the only organization that can save some of the people in front of it, but it cannot save the countless people who are starving. 


 According to Nikhil, living by the mercy of a human being keeps people away from their due rights.  In no way can he be aware of his rights in life. 

 Therefore, it is necessary to make all these people selfish and make them aware of their rights, because begging is a sin.

  One class of people has turned it into 'spiritualism' and lost the normal reality.

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