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 In the United States, the prime minister is at the center and the chief minister is at the head of state.  The Constitution of India does not discuss in detail the powers of the Chief Minister.  

In a parliamentary democracy, the governor is the constitutional head.  In fact, the administrative responsibility is vested in the Chief Minister and his cabinet.

  The power and rank of the Chief Minister is involved in various matters.  E.g.

 Governor and Chief Minister: There is a cabinet headed by the Chief Minister to assist the Governor in governing the state.  

The Chief Minister is the Chief Adviser to the Governor.  He is the liaison of the governor's administration.  He informed the governor about the decision of the cabinet.

  The Governor acts as the constitutional head on the advice of the Chief Minister.  He recommends convening a session of the legislature or dissolving the legislature.

 Chief Minister and Cabinet: At the top of the Chief Minister of the Cabinet.  He is the leader of the cabinet.  

According to the wishes of the Chief Minister, the Governor distributed the portfolios among the Ministers.  He can resign any minister, or remove the governor. 

 The resignation of the Chief Minister is the fall of the Finance Minister's meeting.  The rise and fall of the cabinet centered on him.  He is called the middle man of the cabinet.

 Chief Minister and Legislative Assembly: He is the leader of the majority party.  Through the Governor he may convene or adjourn the session of the Legislative Assembly.

  He can recommend to the governor to dissolve the assembly.  He explained the policy of the government in the assembly, 

answered the questions of the opposition and also answered the allegations of the opposition against the Chief Minister.  He established links between the government and the opposition.

 The leader of the majority party is the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister is the leader of the party.  

The image of the team depends on his personality and dignity.  He played an active role in maintaining party discipline.  The use of the Chief Minister's lifestyle helps the party win the election.  

His wide acquaintance and popularity helps in developing the image of the team.

 Leader of the people: Chief Minister is the real ruler of the state.  He is the symbol of hope and aspiration of the people.  

The people understand the Chief Minister as the state government.  The personality and image of the Chief Minister shows that the people of the state became more active in the general elections.

 Party Solidarity: The position of the Chief Minister depends on the support of his party and if there is assurance of party support inside and outside the Legislative Assembly.

  The power and authority of the Chief Minister increased.  Again, if there is chaos in the party or there is factionalism, then the Chief Minister is in trouble.

  As a result the administration cannot be nominated.

 Relationship with the Governor: The issue of relationship with the Governor also identifies the rank of Chief Minister. 


 With good relations with the governor, he can look at the state administration in a better way.

 Experience and Personality of the Chief Minister: Dignity largely depends on the personality, experience and qualifications of the Chief Minister. 

 There is no doubt that if the incumbent is qualified and experienced, then he will be endowed with immense power and dignity.

 Chief Minister of the coalition government: Koali or the chief minister of the coalition government enjoys much less power and dignity.  

He always has to make decisions through discussions and debates with the parties.

 In discussing the powers and rank of the Chief Minister, Professor Johari has divided the Chief Ministers into three categories.

One-party chief minister in the central ruling party. A one-party chief minister of a party which is not in power at the center. Coalition Chief Minister.First class chief ministers have much more dignity.

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